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Scriptograph establishes a diagnosis of your screenplay and suggests to help you rewrite.

Scriptograph establishes a diagnosis of your screenplay and suggests to help you rewrite.

Scriptograph establishes a diagnosis of your screenplay and suggests to help you rewrite.

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YOUR SCREENPLAYHow to improve it ?

… that apply to the CNC (Centre National du Cinema), only fifty or so are granted support funds before shooting. As far as Canal+ is concerned, the network will pre-acquire 1 screenplay out of 5 and other French TV networks and channels even less. In such a highly competitive environment, too many screenplays are ill-equipped as they enter the game.
Whether projects are submitted to national or regional film funds, TV networks or private investors, decision makers will fix their choice upon screenplays. A solid, coherent, dramatic writing is the best way to stand out and win the game.

This conviction, as well as an ongoing passion for the cinema, has led us to imagine and create Scriptograph.

ACTIONSThe services we offer





We address producers who are in the developing process and whose authors feel blocked, as it usually happens between the 1st and 2nd draft. Something’s wrong but everyone struggles to identify the problem(s).

Our goal: help you tackle the rewriting phase with optimal efficiency.

SERVICESWhat we do



    A 2 to 4 page document that will assess your screenplay’s strong and weak points and give you a general point of view and evaluation.


    A 4 to 8 page document that will somehow X-ray your screenplay. This overview document will list out the thoughts and reflections aroused by a thorough reading and enlighten aspects to be reconsidered while suggesting new leads. This diagnosis will more specifically focus on structure, characters and theme treatment.



    A first meeting with the producers and authors
    A diagnosis
    2 work meetings with authors
    A verbal feedback on the new version

OUR TEAMWho we are

Yasmine Louati

Yasmine Louati

Yasmine Louati

Yasmine Louati

Hypokhagne, a Master’s degree in English, a year spent in Great Britain then another in the US as a Foreign Exchange student, I have also taken cinema classes at Occidental College (LA – Barrack Obama’s undergrad college), the French Cinematheque and Paris V University in Paris. After intense years working for French TV network TF1, I chose to turn my passion for dancing into my professional occupation. I’ve been working as a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher for 11 years while doing script coverage for Canal+, Orange Studio, Regions (Normandy and Aquitaine) and producers. In 2014 I took an intensive training in writing for TV (emphasis on Showrunners) and the cinema at CEFPF in Paris.

Since 2015 I’ve worked
as a member of selection committee for cinema in Brittany (Région Bretagne)
as a cinema consultant:
- De toutes mes forces (Chad Chenouga) (Sopadin Award 2015 – released in May 2017 ), starring Yolande Moreau and Khaled Alouach for TS Productions
- La pluie et le beau temps (Florence Vignon) – to be shot in 2018 – (Gloria Films and Les films du printemps)
as a screenwriter :
as an adaptor for Prendre le Large (Gael Morel), released on November 8th, 2017, starring Sandrine Bonnaire, selected for 2017 the Angouleme Festival and Toronto Film Festival (TS Productions)
as a co screenwriter for Camille Bialestowski’s first long feature film Bonjour Mesdames (TS Productions)
as a consultant and adaptor for Les femmes du Pavillon J (Mohamed Nadif – Aswan productions) and Je pourrais être votre grand mere (Bernard Tanguy – Rezina Films)

Currently in charge of writing workshops for the Paris ESRA (3rd French cinema school) 3rd year students

I am also a member of Lecteurs Anonymes and Dreamago.

Centers of Interest: Resistance and Deportation during the Second World War, History of Communism, Women in history, Gabrielle Sidonie Colette, traditional and contemporary dances and music from all around the Mediterranean sea, Arabic Cultures, Spirituality, Shakespeare, Pilates and Yoga (Dina Fernandez technique), TV Series and of course Cinema, Cinema and Cinema…
Olivier Ciechelski

Olivier Ciechelski

Olivier Ciechelski

Olivier Ciechelski

Of literary training, I have written an English memoir called Norm and Normality in John Cassavetes’ films (University of Nottingham, U.K.). I was then appointed film representative for the French Institute in Warsaw, Poland. Then I started to make movies while doing script coverage for the CNC and Canal+ Cinema. I have been practicing both activities since 2000. I’ve written and directed 5 shorts and a documentary and am currently developing several projects, including two features and a TV series produced by Spicee (Paris) and Compadre (L.A.).

I’m a member of Lecteurs Anonymes, an association that gathers about 80 professional readers.

My interests include Sailing, Espionage, Eastern Europe, Organized Crime, Literature, Pastoralism, Cults, Baroque music, Rock music, Religion, Ancient mediterranean world, TV series, Literary adaptation, Chess, or the Supernatural…
  We have read over 5 000 screenplays (French and International) and written as many reports for clients as varied as Canal +, the French National Film Center (C.N.C.), Orange Studio, production companies and local communities.

  Of literary training, we share a common passion for screenwriting, its rules and mysteries. English fluent, we are both keen observers of Hollywood pragmatism.

  If we are familiar with the writing techniques made popular by Robert McKee, John Truby, Syd Field and many others, we are far from being dogmatic about them: we do know that each project has to find and develop its own shape, through its inner necessity.

They trusted us….

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